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Steering Motion Control Damper Suits Hustler Mowers


For Selected 36”, 42”, 48”, 52”, 54”, 60” Cut Ride On Mowers




  • Steering Motion Control Damper.
  • Closed Length: 8.464" (215 mm).
  • Extended Length: 10.708" (272 mm).
  • Connectors: Two plastic 10 mm ball socket connectors with steel bands each end connect to the ZTR (and M8 threads each end attaches the ball socket to the damper).
  • Diameter: 0.596" (15.15 mm).
  • Two plastic 10 mm ball socket connectors with steel bands each end connect to the ZTR (and M8 threads each end attaches the ball socket to the damper).



  • 36" (914 mm) cut HUSTLER Raptor SD (models 935262EX year 2016 and 938365EX years 2018 to 2020)
  • 42" (1067 mm) cut HUSTLER Raptor (models 932277EX year 2013, 933465EX years 2014 to 2015, 934679EX year 2015, 938332EX year 2018 and 939108EX year 2018), Raptor SD (models 935270EX year 2015, 936559EX year 2015, 938142 year 2017 and 938407EX years 2018 to 2020), Raptor X (model 940494EX years 2020 to 2022) and Raptor XD (model 939819EX)
  • 48" (1220 mm) cut HUSTLER FasTrak (models 933424EX year 2015, 938704EX year 2018, 940346EX year 2020 and 941724EX year 2021), FasTrak SDX (models 938779EX year 2018, 940411EX year 2020 and 941674EX year 2021), FasTrak SD (model 933481EX year 2015), FasTrak SDX (model 933945EX year 2015), Raptor Flipup (model 935288EX year 2016), Raptor SD (models 932566EX year 2015, 936542EX year 2016, 938019 year 2017 and 938399EX years 2018 to 2020), Raptor XD (model 940510EX year 2020) and Raptor XDX(model 941492EX year 2020)
  • 52" (1320 mm) cut HUSTLER Raptor (models 931899EX year 2015, 938282EX year 2018 and 939116EX years 2018 to 2020)
  • 54" (1372 mm) cut HUSTLER FasTrak (models 933432EX year 2015, 938712EX year 2018, 940353EX year 2020 and 942078EX year 2021), FasTrak SD (model 933499EX year 2015), FasTrak SDX (models 933952EX year 2015, 938787EX year 2018,940429EX year 2020 and 942086EX year 2021), Raptor SD (models 932558EX year 2015, 936534EX year 2016, 938027 year 2017, 938381EX years 2018 to 2020 and 938670 year 2018), Raptor X (model 940502EX year 2020), Raptor XD (model 939751EX year 2020) and Raptor XDX(models 941500EX year 2020 and 942060EX year 2021)
  • 60" (1524 mm) cut HUSTLER FasTrak (models 933440EX years 2014 to 2015, 938720EX years 2018 to 2020, 940361EX year 2020, 940437EX year 2020 and 941740EX year 2021), FasTrak SD (933507EX years 2014 to 2015), FasTrak SDX (models 933960EX year 2015, 938795EX year 2018 and 941708EX year 2021) and Raptor XDX (model 941518EX year 2020)



  • 603983

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20 October 2023

Hustler mower steering

Perfect! Top value for money. Thanks guys. You make it so easy.

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