Like Green Acres Mowers, MTD Products is a family-owned, private company. Similarly, MTD has also used the pride in their home-grown brand and passion for their craft to become one of the industry’s premier manufacturers of outdoor power equipment. 

Starting off as a tool and die maker, it’s no surprise that MTD’s equipment and parts are known for their exceptional fit and finish. Today, MTD brings us not only their own MTD branded products but also those from well-known brands like Troy-Bilt, Club Cadet and Yard-Man. To keep your MTD or Club Cadet ride-on mower running its absolute best, Green Acres Mowers is proud to offer one of Australia’s most extensive inventories of MTD parts online.

With the possible exception of the motor, the most important parts of any ride-on mower are arguably the cutting blades. Due to our customers' varied needs and the fact that no two lawns or properties are exactly alike, we carry a wide variety of MTD spare parts to suit any application. These include different size blades as well as different styles (standard, toothed, swingback etc.) – not to mention entire rebuild kits and associated accessories. We also carry a full complement of belts including primary belts, secondary blade belts and lower transmission belts. 

Our assortment of general parts includes electric PTO clutches, spindle assemblies, fuel filters, pullies, service deck wheels, drive cables, air filters, safety switches, spindle shafts and many more.

With a dizzying selection of items that have been manufactured to meet the highest quality standards, Green Acres Mowers is your one-stop shop for MTD replacement parts. And don't forget, your investment is protected with our special return policy. Email us today to find the MTD part you're looking for!

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