Here at Green Acres Mowers, we are extremely proud to carry a comprehensive list of replacement parts for an Australian icon: Victa. The story of the Victa lawn mower is one of real Australian ingenuity. 

To provide his son with a mower light enough to use for his summer lawn-mowing business, Mervyn Victor Richardson fashioned one out of scrap metal. Within a few years, Victa was exporting nearly 150,000 a year to 28 countries. They are still most appreciated here at home, however, and as such we offer one of Australia’s most extensive inventories of Victa parts online.

Our collection of Victa spare parts is one of our largest – considering the size of our other inventories that is quite a feat. While finding the most basic of Victa parts in Australia is by no means a hard task, we excel by keeping an inventory of even the hardest to find parts in stock to create a one-stop shop for your Victa parts needs. 

For your ride on mower, we carry parts such as long air filters, brake pads, mulching blades, belts and safety switches. Our lawn mower parts list, meanwhile, may very well be one of the most extensive Victa-specific inventories you will find. Just a few of the parts offered include air filters, carburettors, mufflers, primer bulbs, starter parts, spark plugs, blade carrier disks, starter springs, piston and ring kits, carburettor repair kits and countless more.

Victa products are made Australia tough, and we believe replacement parts should be the same. At Green Acres Mowers, we ensure our Victa parts and accessories meet the high standard set by the national treasure that is the Victa company - and that any part that fails to do so is quickly and conveniently replaced! Looking for the best in Victa replacement parts? Contact us now!

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