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PROKUT Non-Genuine Cub Cadet, Masport, Rover, Universal Multi-Fit 12 Volt 11.0 Ah,

230 CCA, AGM Non-Spillable Maintenance Free, Sealed Lead Acid Battery With Nut And

Bolt Terminals And Mounting Hardware


This PROKUT battery is specially designed to suit modern ride-on lawn mowers and zero turn radius (ZTR) ride-on lawn mowers and is fully sealed and maintenance

free. PROKUT batteries are manufactured using the latest technology by one of the worlds leading Valve Regulated Rechargeable Sealed lead acid (SLA) battery

manufacturer's. Our manufacturer has a quality management system which is ISO9001 certified and CE authentication from the European Union and UL recognition in the

USA. These Maintenance free, non-spillable, high performance batteries feature reliable quality and have more cycle life, all insuring ultimate energy is

available when required. A big benefit of valve regulated lead acid batteries is that they can be stored for long periods of time without recharge. In AGM

Technology batteries the electrolyte is absorbed into a glass-fibre mat separator between the plates by capillary action. AGM batteries feature short time delivery

of high currents and have features that make them more suitable for the engines used on outdoor power equipment than GEL batteries.


  • Height: (inches) 4.33"
  • Height: (mm) 110 mm
  • Length: (in) 5.94"
  • Length: (mm) 151 mm
  • Width: (inches) 3.42"
  • Width: (mm) 87 mm
  • Weight:3.60 kg (7.93 lbs)

Features/ Benefits:

  • All PROKUT batteries feature - AGM Technology: Absorbent glass matt separator - makes the battery spill proof.
  • These batteries will not leak in transit if inverted.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Cast on Strap: Plate groups are welded; to ensure the stability of products.
  • High Impact Case and Cover: Assures reserve electrolyte capacity, also to protect against leakage and corrosion.
  • Special Grid Design: Withstands severe vibration, assures maximum conductivity.
  • Valve Regulated Design: Eliminates water loss.
  • Safety Valve: Relieves excess pressure.
  • Sealed Terminal Post: Prevents acid leakage, reduces corrosion; extends battery life.
  • Special Active Material: Plates use special active materials to prolong battery life and dependability.
  • PROKUT batteries feature low self discharge.
  • PROKUT batteries charge up to 5 times faster.
  • PROKUT batteries have the ability to deep cycle.
  • PROKUT batteries are lighter.
  • Individual Battery Specifications -
  • Bolt on terminals (with the positive terminal on the left hand side when the
  • terminals are facing you).
  • Includes mounting hardware: M6-1mm x 12mm HHCS & M6-1mm square nut.
  • CCA Rating: Cold Cranking Ampere performance 230 CCA.
  • 12 Month free replacement warranty (upon proof of purchase).


  • 42" (1067 mm) cut Cub Cadet *XT1 Enduro Series LT 42 XT1 Intellipower [LT 42, XT1-LT42] (model 13A6A9TS330 year 2022), *XT2 Enduro Series LX 42 XT2 [XT2-LX42 KW,
  • LX 42 XT2 EFI] (models 13AHA1TE330 year 2022 and 13AZA4TE330 year 2022) ride-on lawn mower models and *ULTIMA ZT1-42 [ZT1-42 KW] (model 17AIEACS330 year 2022),
  • ULTIMA ZTS1-42 [ZTS1 42, ZTS1-42 FAB] (model 17BAGBYE330 year 2022) zero turn radius (ZTR) ride-on models.
  • 46" (1170 mm) cut Cub Cadet *XT2 Enduro Series XT2-LX46 [LX46 KAW, LX46 FAB, XT2, LX46] (model 13AHA4TN330 year 2022) ride-on lawn mower models and *ULTIMA ZT1-46
  • [ZT1-46KW FAB] (model 17AIEACN330 year 2022) and *ULTIMA ZTS1 46 Ultima [ZTS1-46 FAB] (model 17BAGBYN330 year 2022) zero turn radius (ZTR) ride-on models.
  • 48" (1220 mm) cut Cub Cadet *ULTIMA ZTX5-48 [ZTX5 48, ZTX5-48 KW FAB] (model 47AIAAA6330 year 2022) zero turn radius (ZTR) ride-on models.
  • 54" (1371 mm) cut Cub Cadet *ULTIMA ZT2-54 [ZT2 54, ZT2 54 KW FAB, ZT2-54KW FAB ] (model 17AIEAC3330 year 2022), *ULTIMA ZTX5 54 [ZTX5-54 KW FAB] (model 47AIAAA7330 year 2022) zero turn radius (ZTR) ride-on models.
  • 60" (1524 mm) cut Cub Cadet *ULTIMA ZTX5 60 [ZTX5-60 KW FAB] (model 47AIAAA8330
  • year 2022) zero turn radius (ZTR) ride-on models.
  • 42" (1067 mm) cut Masport *HVT 4200 [HVT4200] (year 2022) ride-on lawn mower models
  • 42" (1067 mm) cut Rover *Lawn King 18/42 (model 13AGA1KS333 year 2022) and *LawnKing 2142 [21/42] (model 13AFA4KS333 year 2022) ride-on lawn mower models.
  • 46" (1170 mm) cut Rover *RZ46 FAB [RZ 46 FAB (model 17AIFACN333 year 2022) zeroturn radius (ZTR) ride-on models.
  • A universal multi-fit battery that fits selected ride-on lawn mowers and zero turn radius (ZTR) ride-ons as well as selected other outdoor power equipment fitment applications


  • Cub Cadet: 725-17335, 725P17335,
  • Masport: 725-17335, 725P17335,
  • Rover: 725-17335, 725P17335,



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