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Drive Belt

For 30 to 50 Inch Murray and Viking Mowers

Aramid (Kevlar) Cord Belt


42 Inch Viking 

  • MT426H
  • MT432T


  • 4015HX
  • 4216HX
  • 42591X88A

30 to 50 Inch Murray

  • 30, 38, 40 Inch Gear Drive and 50 Inch Gear Drive Lawn Tractor Pan Frame Tractors

30, 40, 42, 46, and 48 Inch Decks with Peerless Hydrosatic Drive Units Including:

  • 31621X70 G, 31720X11 B, 31720X11 C, 31612 X20 E, 31612x51 A, 31612X51 B,
  • 31612X51 C, 31612X88 A, 31612X95 A, 38560X181 A,38560X81 A, 38602X66 F,
  • 38602x70 H, 38602X70 J, 38623X5 C, 38623X5 D, 38632X66 B, 38633X92 A,
  • 38632X92 B, 387000X00 A, 387000X92 A, 387001X00 A, 387001X100 C,
  • 387001X100 D, 38702X20 D, 38702X20 E, 38702X83 A, 38702X92 A, 387003X8 A
  • 387004X48 A, 38705 A, 38705X30 A, 38705X5 A, 38705X5 B, 38706 A,
  • 38706X99 A, 38706X99 B, 38710 A, 38710X52 A, 38711X20 A, 38711X20 B,
  • 38711X42 A, 38711X44 A,38711X52 A, 38711X66 A, 38711X66 B, 38711X66 C,
  • 38711X73 A,38711X77 B, 38711X73 C, 38712X66 A, 38712X99 A, 38713X71 A,
  • 38714X51 A, 38714X51 B, 39711X97 A, 40560X50A, 40560X50 B, 40560X50 C,
  • 40560X50 D, 40561X51 A, 40563X86 A, 40563X88 A, 40564X51 A, 40564X51 B,
  • 40564X51 C, 40564X51 D, 40564X86 A, 40564X88 A, 40564X88 B, 40614 B,
  • 40614 C, 40615X66 A, 40706 A, 40706 B, 40708 C, 40708CX192 B, 40708CX92 B
  • 40708X20 C, 40708X20 D, 40708X8 A . 40708X8 B, 40708X92 A, 40715X199 A,
  • 40715X199 B,40715X99 A, 40715X99 B, 40717 A, 40815X70 B, 40910B,
  • 42560X52 A, 425610X99 A, 42561X8 A, B and C, 425611X99 A, 42567X30 A,
  • 42569X6 A, 42571X14 A, 42571X31 A, 42571X8 A, 42571X8 B, 42575X81 A,
  • 42576X92 A, 42578X30 A, 42583X30 A and B, 42581X50 D, 42587X50 B, C and D,
  • 42588X29 A, 42588X70 A, 42588X92 A, 42803X5 A, 42816 B, C and D, 42819 A and B
  • 42819X30 A, 42819X62 A, 42819X7 B, 42819X8 B, 42820X24 A, 42827X199 A,
  • 42827X199 B, 42827X99 A, 42827X99 B, 42828X8 A, 42828X8 B, 42829 A,
  • 42829 B, 42830 A, 42830 B,46562X8 A, 46562X8 B, 42568X6 A, 46569X6 A,
  • 46569X6 B, 46569X71 A, 46569X71 B, 46569X82 A, 46569X92 A, 38717X53A,
  • MT35H 425601x53, 425601X53A, 425601X53B, 46569X9 A, 46570X6 A,
  • 46570X6 B, 46570X8 A, 46570X8 B, 46570X92 A, 46573X92 A, 46576X92 A,
  • 46577X4 A, 46577X71 A, 46581X92 A, 46581X92 B, 50568X9 A, 42587x50D, 38702X20C, 42581x50A


  • 37X61
  • 037X61
  • 710531
  • 037X61MA

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Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars, based 3 reviews.
1 May 2023

Murray belt

great quality, and service, Have purchased a number of parts later, very happy!

26 February 2022

Drive belts

Have not used belts as yet

20 February 2022

Great Service

Great Service on a rare Murray drive belt. Always Great Service. Thank You.

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